Cafe O will be hosting its first event on OCT 28 at 6:30 pm. Jewelery Party imported from Middle East and India … everyone is welcome =o)

stories from the cafe cont’d

Beside our shop we have an eye doctor which have the loveliest people working there. One afternoon an older lady walked in wanting a coffee and cinnamon bun while she waited for her glasses. After she sat down my mom took a moment to talk to the lady… she turned out to be the sweetest thing ever! White hair, glasses, frail looking but strong intelligence in her eyes. A couple of mintues after conversing with my mom she pulled out her wallet and pressed 50 cents into my moms hand saying “you can’t find kindness like yours anymore”. Of course, my mom refused the tip but the lady was adamant… When she re-told me the story tears sprang to my eyes… because it’s so sad and unfortunately true what the older lady had said.

A special thanks

This probably should have been done first but I want to say a special thank you to everyone that helped us out with the cafe (and those who have become addicted and I see you on a daily basis – always excited when you walk through the door) … Thank you Hora and Andreea for all the hard work pre-opening ( including removing tiles off the floor with hot guns in 30 degree weather).. Thank you Danijela and Sonja for becoming our personal sales reps after we opened haha ..thank you Nohemi and Steve for helping with all the prep work (couldn’t have done that part without you).. And everyone else that helped with the opening including Dawson, Elizabeth, Samir, Steve, Gabriel (the whole family actually)… and all our parents friends.

Stories from the cafe cont’d

A couple of weeks ago my mom was sitting outside enjoying a cappucino with a good book (at this point we were really slow and trying to keep ourselves entertained). I, myself was behind the cappucino machine also reading a book (one of our favourite things to do for sure – I’m pretty certain we have the entire Chapters collection of romance novels at home haha). Anyways, I get startled by her as she comes in followed by a guy wanting something cold to drink …Actually, I’m pretty sure she hi-jacked him outside the store while he was trying to do his job.. As it turns out he ends up being a very nice young man that, for his age, has done a lot! And get this… his day/night time job entails cleaning up crime/ accident etc. scenes. Talk about jobs that need to get done but noone ever thinks of!

Stories from the Cafe

I love this business… you get to meet the most interesting people.
In the first three weeks from opening our doors we have already made some friends for life. There is a gentleman that comes in every single day and I think he loves my mom’s and I company more than anything else. If ..Just taking a moment to sit down and talk to him you find out that his life is full of interesting stories… and the way he re-tells them …well that’s the most interesting part of all. All I can say is that he was a tatoo artist that traveled the world and at one point I am sure he was a ladies man… very charming and always dressed to the nines(haha love that expression even though I don’t fully understand it).

Hello from Café O!

Welcome to Café O. This is our first post, from our brand new website. We’ve created this space to share with you our coffee experience online. Learn more about who we are, the history of coffee, browse our menu, and of course, check out our amazing photo gallery.

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